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About Shapes

Shapes – The Aluminium Design Knowledge Hub powered by Hydro

People have always wanted to make things, and the material is the starting point that shapes the form and function of your product.

Shapes is intended to be a knowledge hub – an educational source of inspiration – that leads to discussion about how aluminium can push product innovation, either alone or together with other materials. 

Hydro’s more than 1,000 engineers are passionate about aluminium and its usage, limitations and opportunities. And we would like to share their knowledge and passion with you. You might be a seasoned automotive engineer who works with aluminium every day, or an industrial designer, or an architect. You might be an engineering student or even owner of a shipyard looking for new ways to save costs and maintenance. Whatever your role, we hope you will find something of interest that helps you make better products.

Our role is to collect information from our dedicated team of metallurgists, chemists, metallographers, physicists, designers, mechanical engineers and technicians – all specialists in aluminium – and bring to you their thoughts, insights and ideas. Because having an understanding of materials and manufacturing is a core element of the design process, and only with a better understanding of aluminium and its unique properties will you find the best ways to make use of this beautiful and flexible light metal. 

The editorial team @ Shapes – The Aluminium Design Knowledge Hub


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