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Material properties

Why you should choose aluminium for your window

Wood looks good and feels good. Aluminium is strong and needs no maintenance. Plastic costs less. Which material should you choose for your new window?

If you are looking to buy new windows for your apartment or house, then you have two strong alternatives: plastic and aluminium. Wood is nice, but it is not as competitive as the others in the aspects that should be important to you. So I will throw wood out the window for now.

Systems materials compete on price, durability, flexibility, aesthetic value, energy efficiency and end-of-life handling, including recyclability. Energy efficiency is key, because the frame of a window can greatly affect its energy efficiency.

PVC windows a solid alternative

Windows made with extruded plastic – polyvinyl chloride (PVC) – generally cost less than ones made with aluminium. This is probably their biggest selling point, although they also provide good thermal insulation and are capable in terms of sound-proofing.

PVC windows are easy to maintain. You can probably do the job with a washcloth and soapy water. Plastic, or vinyl, windows also tend to have a long lifetime, but can deteriorate over time.

Like aluminium, PVC can be recycled. But unlike PVC, aluminium can be recycled and made into a new frame, over and over, without losing its properties. Decided edge to aluminium.

Aluminium windows a better alternative than PVC

I see aluminium as the material for modern windows. It can compete with plastic in the key areas mentioned above, and it gives you more in terms of aesthetics.

Aluminium matches plastic in energy efficiency, thanks to the addition of polyamide thermal break inside the frame. It is also as effective as plastic at holding out noise. In fact, tests carried out by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories in Illinois show aluminium usually does a better job than plastic in stopping noise.

Your aluminium window will not rust, it will require low maintenance, and it will last. You can feel safe that if you install aluminium windows tomorrow, then you will never have to do it again in your lifetime. It will not rot and it will not warp.

Most of all, aluminium beats plastic when it comes to good looks. An aluminium window can add elegance to your home, as opposed to plastic, which is plain. One other point: Aluminium is strong. It can bear larger panes of glass than plastic. It puts more light into your home. It might even increase the value of your home. And again, you can recycle aluminium, infinitely.

You can get a good window with either material. Your decision depends on what you want.

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