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Sustainable design

Bringing light to remote areas

Solar-powered lighting columns eliminate the need for electricity, cabling and connection to the grid.

Lighting up areas with no lighting infrastructure or connection to the electrical grid used to be complicated and costly. But the introduction of solar-powered light poles means that these roads, bus stops, construction projects and sparsely populated areas no longer have to remain in the dark.

These stand-alone lighting poles are self-charging and generally consist of an aluminum pole, a glass solar module, batteries and a luminaire. They require little maintenance and can be monitored and controlled wirelessly and remotely. They even work in cloudy conditions or with indirect sunlight.

Solar light poles reduce costs

The investment pays for itself because it eliminates all the costs associated with connection to the electrical network. And because each lighting pole functions independently, there are no blackouts when the network fails!   

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Another point is that the public appreciates lighting that is generated by renewable energy. And if you opt for an aluminium pole, you will be doing the environment an additional favor because the material can be recycled endlessly and its recycling process requires very little energy.   

Aluminium can be powder-coated, anodized or finished in any color, which provides flexibility in the design process. Not everyone I work with wants a standard lighting pole. With some solar lighting poles, you can incorporate extra functions such as a CCTV camera, motion detector, weather station or a flagpole. The fact that aluminium is corrosion resistant – and these products must withstand all kinds of weather – is certainly a cost-saving argument, too.

Better with lithium

Finally, I recommend a solar lighting system that uses lithium batteries because they offer:

  • High charge efficiency
  • Up to 10 years of life
  • A lower environmental impact than lead acid and VRLA batteries

And they have no problem tolerating both high and low temperatures.

Interested in learning more?

If you are interested in learning more about solar-powered lighting columns, then please contact us and ask about our Soluxio products.