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Cylindrical glass tower with aluminium exosceleton
Sustainable design

Energy efficient glass walls

Installing glass instead of a wall can quickly impact your energy bills. However, there are ways to green up glass curtain walls. One is the evolution of multi-layered windows.

Good insulation continues to be one of the key ways to reduce energy consumption – and this holds true in all climates, whether it is about keeping the cold out in the north or the heat out in the south. Insulating against noise is another important aspect especially in large cities.

There’s a trend today towards multiple layers in windows and facades. Multi-layered windows are an evolution of double-skin facades, offering more glass panes and often incorporating airtight thermal and sound insulation with solar shading systems to guide daylight.

Louvre blind systems integrated into a façade maximize natural light, reducing the reliance on energy-consuming artificial lighting. At the same time, they cut down on glare from the sun.

Aluminium the ideal material for modern facades

Aluminium is ideal for windows and facades, outperforming all other materials when it comes to anti-corrosion, durability and sustainability. It is financially feasible as well, because while most purchases depreciate over time, aluminium maintains or increases in value.

Aluminium can be easily disassembled and endlessly recycled which fits in perfectly with the circular economy and zero-emission or zero-energy buildings. I believe we’re going to see more and more aluminium in buildings due to its recyclability and design capabilities.

My main advice to architects and builders is to think holistically rather than on a product level when planning your windows, doors and facades. Ask yourself how the functional unit of, for example a window, can best contribute to the overall building performance. This will help to ensure the best possible performance when it comes to energy consumption and the wellbeing and comfort of the people in the buildings.

I also encourage you to challenge your supplier to come up with new ideas or modifications to an existing product to help you reach the zero-energy targets.

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