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How aluminium facades can have exterior cladding in different materials

Architects like to give the buildings they create a distinctive character by letting materials other than aluminium and facade glass take their place in unitized element facades.

In some cases, the architect outlines a "three-dimensional" structure of the exterior facade.

In these, the exterior cladding is attached to the outside of the element itself, outside the outer glass section. The exterior cladding can be made of aluminium cassettes, such as Alucobond. The cassettes expand sufficiently so that the outer sunshade is completely hidden when they are up.

These aluminium cassettes can give the exterior facade the distinctive character that the architects want.

Other options:

  • Use bolted, light-colored facade glass attached to the exterior
  • Use three-dimensional wood cladding to an aluminium façade to give the appearance of a solid-wood structure

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