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building facade of wood and glass
Expert thoughts

How to use wood as a visible exterior material in a unitized element facade

When projects with different exterior material choices are to be realized, normally by the facade contractor, we start by detailing the project solution so that the elements can also absorb the extra loads the element gets from the selected material.

We focus on ensuring that the element's profile structure is ideal in relation to the material choice, and that load transfer via the element and into the element's mounting brackets for the building is handled.

Most of the “other” materials that are used as cladding are inorganic materials. That is, they are only slightly impacted by weather.

For organic cladding such as wood, however, you need to follow the wood suppliers' recommendations and intervals for maintenance, such as painting. A building in Oslo will not have the same maintenance intervals as a building located in a much warmer and more humid climate.

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