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Simplify and streamline your manufacturing processes

High-quality materials and parts that give optimum comfort and a safe equipment characterize high end sporting equipment. However, how to ensure quality to a reasonable production cost?

There’s a good chance that the treadmill you are running on or the stationary bike you’re pedaling was made by Technogym. Headquartered in Italy, it was founded in 1983 by a then 22-year-old Nerio Alessandri in his family’s garage. Today, Technogym is the world’s leading supplier of products and services in the wellness and fitness industry.

Sapa (now Hydro) had been supplying Technogym with components when the company approached us with a new challenge: Could we take on an existing stationary bike seat system that was produced in Taiwan and improve its quality, the production process, and create a better supply chain and logistic flow – all at a competitive cost? “Yes!” we replied.

We began by reengineering the seat system, which consisted of two welded assemblies. We then expanded our existing production area to make room for the increased capacity and a seven-step process including cutting, machining, cleaning and degreasing, welding, sandblasting, dark anodizing and laser marking. 

Working closely with Technogym, the team shared each possible synergy coming out of the new process to stay on top of cost targets.

Five steps to improved manufacturing quality

  1. Look into modifying product designs
  2. Discuss with your manufacturer if you can alter production methods
  3. Use a manufacturer that invest in robotized machinery and that can integrate several parts of the production process under one roof to shorten lead times
  4. Understand how you can reduce waste in production
  5. Eliminate unnecessary product features, or integrate several functions into one component.

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