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Recycling adhesive-bonded aluminium components

Can you recycle aluminium components that have been joined with adhesives? Of course you can.

Adhesive joints are often difficult to disassemble and are therefore not the best choice when this is a requirement. So you should consider alternative joining methods, just as you would with any decision about joining.

However, you can disassemble adhesive joints.

By heating above the adhesive’s glass transition temperature, you can facilitate dismantling. Take special care with polyurethanes during the heating process, as isocyanates could be formed.

Recycling aluminium

The simplest way of dismantling a product with an adhesive joint is to cut around the joint and remove it. Elastic adhesives can be cut off with a knife or thread.

We know that it is very desirable to recycle aluminium from an environmental point of view. But small residues of adhesive on the aluminium surface will not pose a problem during remelting.

Interested in learning more?

Check out this in-depth handbook on Adhesive bonding of aluminium.


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