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The design objects in the exhibition
Photos by Einar Aslaksen
Sustainable design

How seven designers turned scrap into treasure in Milan

Here are the seven design objects presented at the 100R exhibition during Milan Design Week 2024.

Hydro gathered a team of seven renowned designers to create objects from Hydro CIRCAL 100R, the world’s first industrial-scale aluminium product made entirely of post-consumer scrap. Producing this material at scale is no small feat.

It's incredible to think that the material these beautiful objects are made of is made entirely of other objects that has already lived a full life-cycle. Take a look at how it turned out.

Read more about the products and the designers at the 100R site.

Inga Sempé – Grotte Lamp

a couple of tall glass containersInga’s Grotte Lamp challenges traditional extrusion profile designs with its natural, irregular form. Two sliding profiles—one hiding the light source, the other framing it—create a unique, soft light effect. Its design resembles ancient artifacts, combining industrial efficiency with a touch of prehistoric mystique.

Max Lamb – Prøve Light

a black and yellow logoMax's Prøve Light is an innovative table lamp that celebrates the aluminium extrusion process. Featuring two interlocking profiles and a unique ball and socket joint, it incorporates elements like a heat-sink and a musical instrument, highlighting the versatility of extruded aluminium.

Shane Schneck – Nave 1, 2, 3

a row of batteriesShane’s Nave series marries machine precision with human inexactitude. These aluminium profiles, transformable into carafes or vases, reflect a blend of analog sketches and digital design, embodying both artistic expression and functionality.

Rachel Griffin – Serial Partition Wall

shapeRachel's Serial Partition Wall demonstrates modularity in design. Made from interlocking aluminium extrusions, it can form customizable, self-supporting partitions. The design highlights aluminium's reflective qualities and the efficiency of extrusion processes.

Andreas Engesvik – Tsuba Coat Hanger

a blue light in the darkThe Tsuba Coat Hanger, crafted from Hydro CIRCAL 100R, showcases the sculptural potential of aluminium. Andreas’ nature-inspired, adjustable design offers versatility and an aesthetic appeal, combining functionality with a natural, organic appearance.

John Tree – Billet Chair

a yellow chair with a lamp shadeJohn's Billet Chair is a feat of design, using a single aluminium profile to create a minimalist chair. The innovative clip-in design allows for compact packaging and simple assembly, exemplifying efficient use of materials and space.

Philippe Malouin – T-Board Shelving System

a blue and white rectangle with a white rectangle in the middlePhilippe's T-Board system is a versatile shelving solution, using a single extruded aluminium profile for various configurations. Adaptable up to 6 meters and compatible with multiple T-slot accessories, it offers a practical and customizable design for diverse spaces.

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