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Sustainable design

5 trends for recycled aluminium

Recycled aluminium conserves resources and helps the environment. Yang Cao of Metal Bulletin Research talks about five trends related to recycled aluminium.
  • No limits. “Aluminium is a highly recyclable metal. With an accumulated aluminium product inventory since 1888 estimated at 600 million metrictons, the availability of aluminium scrap is not a constraint. And producing recycled aluminium requires just 5 percent of the energy required to produce the primary metal.”

  • Regional hubs. "Asia Pacific is the leading manufacturing hub for recycled aluminium, with 45 percent of global production in 2013. Production in Brazil, China and India is rapidly increasing.”
  • Major markets. “End-use sectors such as transportation, construction, packaging and steel production are the major recycled aluminium markets. Total global recycled aluminium usage by end-use sectors will reach 26.5 million metric tons by 2023.”
  • Key drivers. “Used beverage can recycling will be a key factor in the usage and growth of recycled aluminium, as will awareness programs like the American Action to Accelerate Recycling.”
  • Key constraints. “Global availability of aluminium scrap for domestic industries, particularly in some Western countries that are increasingly exporting to Asia, is a worry. Scrap grades that contain impurities also pose problems.”

Recyclability in the circular economy

Recyclability also is a major part of the equation in the circular economy, as a factor that needs to be considered in the design phase, then evaluated in parallel with cost and performance.

You need to measure the overall impact of a product during its entire lifecycle. Like this: Lightweight composite material might make a car more fuel efficient, but it is less recyclable, so that calculation needs to be made.

Interested in learning more?

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