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The CC50 collection from Akuart
The CC50 collection from Akuart
Design thinking

How aluminium helped us create an acoustic panel that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics

Aluminium might seem like an odd choice for a wall panel that is built to manage acoustics, but when we examined the practical and aesthetic considerations, we found that aluminium is an excellent material choice. Let me explain why.

Our design philosophy at Akuart - we are a Danish company - is rooted in a commitment to innovation, functionality and sustainability. We aim to create acoustic products that excel in sound absorption and noise reduction while seamlessly integrating with contemporary interior design.

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Steffen Spangmose is the Head of Design and Innovation at Akuart

We designed our SS50 Collection to be both functional and beautiful, so that it contributes to the harmony and design of any space it inhabits. It is also built to last, to reduce the need for frequent replacements and minimize environmental impact.

We have incorporated materials and processes that support a circular economy, ensuring that products can be disassembled, recycled or repurposed at the end of their life cycle. This commitment to durability and sustainability enhances the value of our products and reflects our dedication to creating a more sustainable future.

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Journey from idea to finished product

The journey from the initial idea to the finished product is one that embodies meticulous design and engineering. Prototyping plays a crucial role in this phase, allowing us to test and iterate on our designs to ensure optimal performance and aesthetics.

This process is iterative and can span several months, depending on the complexity of the product. Throughout, we engage with architects, interior designers, and end-users to gather feedback and insights. This collaborative approach ensures that our products not only meet technical specifications but also resonate with the needs and preferences of those who will use them.

No compromise on aesthetic appeal

One of the primary motivations behind what we do is to address a purpose overlooked by other manufacturers. Traditional acoustic panels often compromise on aesthetic appeal or versatility, limiting their application in dynamic, design-forward spaces.

When we started, we saw an opportunity to develop acoustic solutions that are functional as well as visually captivating. In addition, our products are designed to be customizable, allowing architects and designers to incorporate them into their projects without sacrificing style or creativity.

This approach ensures that our acoustic solutions enhance both the visual and acoustic environment, providing a holistic improvement to the spaces they occupy.

Akuart's new line of acoustic panels have a frame of 100R, 100 percent recycled post-consumer scrap aluminium.

Aluminium offers distinct advantages

Our decision to use aluminium in our designs was based on a combination of practical and aesthetic considerations. Aluminium, though it used to be uncommon in the acoustic market, offers several distinct advantages. It is lightweight yet robust, durable and easy in terms of installation. Its sleek, modern appearance complements a wide range of interior styles, from industrial to contemporary.

Additionally, aluminium is highly recyclable, which aligns with our commitment to sustainability. By choosing aluminium, we have been able to create products that are effective in managing acoustics and which also contribute to a sustainable design ethos.

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